PathForger RPG – An Introduction

Nothing sunders false pretenses nor unites people quite like an adversity faced together.

Separates the superfluous from the essential like oceanic waves washing away sandy grains from rock’s face.

An ebb. A flow. At one time gentle as a whispered breath. At another time crashing forth like a mighty volcano. Nothing is certain other than uncertainty itself. The paths available like ancient ruts set in mud-turned-stone.

That is what you have known.

One would tell you this this shall be different – and it shall be – but it need not be so.

You get to choose your own path. You get to forge your own path.

And through your paths intertwined so too shall Worlds be forged.

Worlds etched with the primal forces of nature.

Worlds interlaced with sentience, mysticism and/or technologies.

Worlds existing in their own right. Others within, beyond and/or between worlds.

But ultimately its one or persons coming together to indulge vicariously in shared experiences of an interesting sort.

PathForger RPG, while sharing a suspiciously similar sounding name to the popular PathFinder game, is not actually directly inspired by it in any way, including in name.