Welcome to the PathForger website. There are plenty of things to figure out but at the most basic level this website will be evolving to cover game design, gameplay and lifestyle. Not necessarily in that order. In good time.

Game Play

I’ve probably spent too much time playing a game called Robocraft. It is an interesting bot-building and fighting game of the combatcraft genre.

While that game is beyond its glory days, it remains a rather unique experience, and has inspired me to resume my game design aspirations.

Game Design

Several times in the past I have tried and failed to make games. Whether of the table-top variety or the digital, every effort has either been in vain, discontinued by me in pursuit of the new distraction, or unusable.

In spite of my apparent shortcomings in commitment, focus and ability, the truth is that I am quite intent on breaking into the game design space.


Long before it became used as a nickname for the playing of games, PathForger had a more activist role that was not necessarily specific to any single individual but had thus-far been so.

The world that we exist upon is a home to many problems and while my desire to act has diminished over time – I may raise my voice in this capacity again.